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Hello, I'm Jacque.

I am a multi-disciplined artist and designer based out of SE Minnesota. I am currently working with a small, in-house ad team to manage all print, web, social, promotion, events and more for a national bar & grill chain. I would describe myself as a curious, adaptable, do-it-yourselfer who is always up for a challenge! I take my art and design work seriously and am always striving to create smart, impressive work.  


ABOUT: Brothers Bar & Grill

When I started at Fortney Hospitality Group in 2014, there was no marketing team. Myself, a co-worker and my brilliant CMO worked to take the brand from a college bro-bar to a smart, clever and sometimes weird place to socialize safely. We brought everything in-house. I redesigned websites, created processes to support our general managers, created guidelines to make our social media content more relatable and authentic, took food photography, designed food and beverage menus, set up third-party social media publishing processes, funneled ad dollars from outdated newspapers and print to digital outlets, spent A LOT of money on social media and much more. Here are some examples of my work: 

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